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Whistler security operators under investigation



Simons appealing deportation order

The provincial government is warning Sea to Sky corridor residents to stay away from three companies offering security services.

They are SecurCom,, SecurPro, and Atina Management Services, all of which operate in the Sea to Sky corridor.

"We still have enforcement action against these businesses," said Sandra Sajko, registrar of security programs for the province.

"There are outstanding violation tickets that we’re looking to enforce so the investigation is on-going.

"Under the Private Investigators and Security Agency Act the registrar may revoke the licence if there are serious safety concerns and in this case that was the case."

SecurCom and SecurPro had their licenses yanked by the government last September after an investigation. Atina has never had a permit to operate as a security provider.

"I can’t comment on the details of the investigation other than that it was determined there were serious public safety concerns," said Sajko.

However at least two people with these companies, Peter Hans Simon and Sybille Anita Simon, were allegedly continuing their security work after the licence was yanked.

"All (these companies) are associated with the Simons," said Sajko.

The Simons are a well-known couple in Whistler where they have run SecurCom since the fall of 1999.

What wasn’t so well known about the duo was their legal troubles.

In 1997 an civil action was launched against them to recover unpaid rent amounting to $14,000.

In 1999 they were investigated for investment fraud in Vancouver and in January of 2000 the couple pleaded guilty to two charges involving defrauding three investors in Vancouver and Prince George of about $96,000.

They were sentenced to 60 days in jail on one count and received a one year conditional sentence on the other.

These convictions make them inadmissible to Canada and resulted in their being ordered deported last month.

They are currently free while awaiting a hearing on their appeal of the deportation order.

They were also barred from trading on securities markets for 10 years by the B.C. Securities Commission following the fraud convictions.

And just to make things even more interesting the couple is wanted in Germany on warrants alleging what the German consulate calls "economic crimes."

None of this comes as a surprise to Don Reid, owner of Sea to Sky Security in Whistler.

"We have heard all kinds of things and we could never figure out what was going on," said Reid who has himself complained numerous times to the provincial government about the practices of the security companies in question.