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Whistler schools to close June 11 for next rotating strike

Crucial vote looms in teachers strike



Rotating teacher strikes will continue next week, returning to the Sea to Sky District on Wed., June 11.

As teachers prepare to vote next week on whether or not to pursue a full-scale strike, education minister Peter Fassbender is reassuring parents and students that provincial exams will go ahead as scheduled.

ÒOur commitment as the employers through BCPSEA and the government is we will ensure that every graduate will be able to complete their required exams,Ó Fassbender told media on Thursday.

How exactly thatÕs going to happen in the midst of teacher strike action has yet to be worked out, Fassbender said.

ÒBCPSEA is looking at all of the options, but the commitment, without any hesitation, is they will be able to finish their year (and) their exams,Ó he said.

ÒThat is not something that will be open to discussion. We are going to make sure that happens.Ó

The ministry isnÕt expecting any delays with exam marking or report cards either.

ÒWe will ensure that every studentÕs educational journey will end successfully this year,Ó Fassbender said.

Teachers across the province will vote on escalating strike action and a potential full-scale strike on Monday and Tuesday.

ÒB.C. teachers remain committed to negotiating a fair and reasonable deal that provides better support for our students,Ó BCTF president Jim Iker said in a press release Thursday.

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