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Whistler runners schooled at Fall Classic


The 20 th Annual UBC Fall Classic was held on Sunday, Nov. 23, with 5 kilometre, 10 km and half marathon (21.1 km) distances.

A total of 17 Whistler runners took part in the races.

In the half marathon, which was cut short two kilometres due to a problem with route marking, Whistler’s David Higgins finished in second place overall and first in the men’s 30 to 39 age group with his time of one hour, 15 minutes and 49 seconds, less than a minute out of first place.

Paul Suter finished the day in 14 th place overall and second out of 80 men in the men’s 40 to 49 age group. He completed the course in 1:19:33.

Tracey Pope was solid as always, finishing just behind Suter in 1:20:42. She was 18 th overall, fifth among women, and second out of 100 racers in the 30 to 39 age group.

Shizuo Kashino was 46 th overall and 15 th in the men’s 40 to 49 group with a time of 1:24:46.

Marie-Anne Prevost was 52 nd overall, 11 th among women, and sixth in the 30 to 39 group with her time of 1:25:18.

Jennifer Keefer crossed the line in 1:27:58, 79 th overall, 16 th out of 253 women, and fifth out of 57 runners in the women’s 20 to 29 race.

Sue Girard was 210 th overall, 75 th among women, and 23 rd in the women’s 20 to 29 group in 1:41:30.

Brandi Higgins finished in 1:43:23, 234 th overall, 90 th among women and 38 th in the women’s 30 to 39 race.

Shea Scott was 255 th , and 30 th in the men’s 20 to 29 race with a time of 1:44:21.

In the 10 km race, Whistler’s Christine Suter was 19 th out of 608 women, 14 th in the 30 to 39 group, and 120 th overall with a time of 44:35.

Dawn Weberg-Titus finished just back of Christine Suter, crossing the line in 45:45 to finish 142 nd overall, 24 th among women, and third in the 40 to 49 age category.

Vanessa Murphy finished in 46:44, 170 th overall, 32 nd among women and sixth in the 20 to 29 race.

In the same category, Megan Wastle was 20 th . She was also 79 th in the women’s group with a time of 50:31.

Christine Cogger finished just three seconds and one position later, also racing in the 20 to 29 group.

Chris Donnelly finished in 53:05, in 372 nd place out of more than a thousand runners.

Marie MacEwen was 139 th among women, 51 st in the 30 to 39 group, and 394 th overall in 53:43.

Jennifer Stewart posted the same time, finishing 34 th out of 126 runners in the 20 to 29 category.