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Whistler runners flock to SeaWheeze Half Marathon



This past Saturday, Aug. 10, close to 40 Whistler runners headed to Vancouver for the annual lululemon SeaWheeze Half Marathon, following a course that mainly hugs the water and loops Stanley Park in the middle.

Vicki Tonner was the fastest Whistler runner, finishing the course in 1:40:37. She was 110th out of 8,442 women in the event.

Also breaking the two-hour mark were Freya Tringham (1:41:18), Travis Welsh (1:42:53), Lee Carroll (1:45:46), Kwang Chen (1:47:23), Alex Yates (1:48:10), Kristy Klasen (1:48:31), Ashley Ridgway (1:50:57), Nadine Boudreau-Beland (1:55:53), Kristy Moller (1:57:42), Kerry Chalmers (1:58:58) and Aimee Decaigny in 1:59:36.

Other finishers were Karine Breton, Morgan Dunn, Shauna Peachman, Melanie Jodoin, Christa Vandeberg, Catherine Aird, Peta Bascoigne, Sarah Mastalir, Alice Mastalir, Jennifer Embate-Fonseca, Pattie Lindsay, Susan Krieger, Ellen Murray, Bianca Rowe, Rita Marie Elaine Caccam, Jen Welch, Robyn Akehurst, Erin Burgess, Jaydi Chaintal Cilento, Angela Cooney, Robyn Cullen, Alexandria Grady, Paul Hammond, Austin Heffelfinger, Shannon Howard, Zoe Hunt, Zoey Stimpson, Kristal Taylor and Jennamae Togado.

From Squamish, Deborah Finck was the only sub two-hour finisher in 1:55:07, placing 708th among 8,422 women. Some 27 Squamish residents took part, including Michael Lyons, Catherine Fleming, Daria Sorokina, Krista Lambie, Alison Brown, Carrie Griffin, Kim Mortreuil, Dana Wood, Rachelle Harvey, Kristin Mazzotti, Pauling Osborne, Tara Franz, Dawn Armstrong Heslop, Coree Francisco, Kellie Meakin, Dean Morin, Veronique Rochon, Greg Armstrong, Shannon Kelly, Alison Gelz, Lisa Knox, Arndrea Scott, Sharel Hughes, Brandie Brown, Anne Henderson and Renee Hurford.

From Pemberton, Jonathan Harris placed 447th among men in 1:54:46. Kristen Harris also raced.

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