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Whistler runners compete in Fall Classic


Although ski season is upon us, a group of seasoned Whistler runners took one last kick at the can last weekend, competing in the 18 th annual Go Wireless Fall Classic at UBC campus. There were 5 km, 10 km and half-marathon (21.1 km) races.

In the half marathon, which attracted almost 400 racers, Whistler’s David Higgins was 95 th overall, or 30 th out of 62 in the men’s 30 to 39 category, with a time of 1 hour 34 minutes, 34 seconds.

Just nine seconds back of Higgins was local Daniel Havens, who finished 22 nd out of 54 men in the 40 to 49 category.

Christine Suter was 15 th out of 80 competitors racing in the women’s 30 to 39 category, crossing the finish line in 1:37:44.

Diane Duggan finished 20th out of 61 competitors in the 40 to 49 category with a time of 1:44:40.

In the men’s 60 to 69 race, Whistler’s Murray Coates was second out of six competitors with a time of 1:45:55.

Brandi Higgins was 44 th out of 80 racers in the women’s 30 to 39 race in 1:53:14.

In the 10 km race, Whistler teacher and coach Kevin Titus was fourth overall out of 1,235 racers with a time of 31:31. He was also first out of 175 competitors in the men’s 40 to 49 category.

Andrea Carter was 267 th , or 19 th out of 269 racers in the women’s 30 to 39 race with a time of 44:42.

Senena McKean was 375 th , or seventh out of 20 women in the 20 and under category with a time of 47:21.

Georgina Titus was 50 th in the 30 to 39 race with a time of 48:17.

Alana Hamm was the 177 th woman out of 721 racers in 50:38. Megan Wastle was the 222 nd woman in 51:46. Gail Rybar and daughter Kath were 343 rd and 344 th respectively in 54:52.

Jacqui Tyler was 364 th in 55:21. Riana Csiffary was 414 th in 56:27. Rita Rice was 476 in 58:15, tying with local Mitchell Sulkers.

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