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Whistler runner in Sun Run medals

This year some 48,650 people took part in the 20th annual Vancouver Sun Run, a 10 km race around downtown Vancouver.


As always dozens of Whistler residents took part, many of them finishing under the 40 minute mark.

One Whistler runner, Kristina Rody, found herself in the top-five of her division this year, finishing fourth among women 25 to 29 with a time of 35 minutes and three seconds. She also placed 10 th among all women and 85 th out of all runners.

Squamish runner Gord Addison also finished 10 th in the men’s 35 to 39 age group and 49 th overall with his time of 33:49.

Because of the number of entries, it’s impossible to find everyone’s result, but the Pique did find a number of Whistler runners in the top 100 of their age divisions.

In the women’s 19 to 24 age group, Leah Blok finished 17 th with her time of 43:40. Shona MacKie was 29 th in 46:33, Sarah Paterson 38 th in 47:57, and Diana Blok 71 st in 50:03.

In the men’s 19 to 24 group Antony Dunne was 54 th in 41:24, Rob Bentley-Johnston was 60 th in 41:45, and Mark Fearman was 67 th in 42:18.

Kristina Rody was fourth in the women’s 25 to 29 group in 35:03 and Sara Gardiner was 71 st in 47:44.

In the men’s 25 to 29 group Garry Robbins was 86 th in 41:22 and Russ Wood 90 th in 41:29.

John Lanteigne was 79 th in the men’s 30 to 34 group in 41:21 and Nils Robinson 87 th in 41:34.

In the women’s 35 to 39 race Diana Thaxter was 68 th in 48:33.

Paul Nicholas was 40 th in the men’s 35 to 39 category in 38:38.

Otto Kamstra was 53 rd in the men’s 40 to 44 group in 39:50.

In the women’s 45 to 49 group Grace Blok was 38 th in 50:36.

John Blok, the father in the Blok family, finished 15 th in the men’s 45 to 49 group in 38:36. Daniel havens was close behind in 20 th with a time of 39:38.

Elaine Graham was 70 th in the women’s 55 to 59 group in 60:01, and Cecile Valleau was 97 th in 62:11.

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