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Whistler riders top Ripzone Series


The first two events of the Ripzone Provincial Snowboard Series, sanctioned by the B.C. Snowboard Association, took place at Big White last weekend drawing more than 100 competitors from around B.C., Alberta, the U.S., Australia and Europe.

Whistler athletes, including members of the Whistler Valley Snowboard Club, made their way to the top in several categories.

In the 19 and over category, the WVSC's Ryan Rausch was fourth.

Tyler Massey was third in the men's 17-18 age group. Massey is coaching for WVSC, while "still concentrating on his own stuff and going for it," said WVSC director and head coach Rob Picard. Six other WVSC riders also competed in the category. Johnny Burgess was fifth, Micke Cerka ninth, Michael Gordon 10 th , Felipe Angel 11 th , Johnny Lyall 12 th and Duncan Sabiston 13 th .

In the men's 15-16 group, Vinny Ligeti was seventh, Skyller Flavelle 13 th , Jamie MacFarlane 14 th and Graeme Medland 24 th .

Tamo Campos, who lives in North Vancouver and rides with the WVSC, won the men's 13-14 group.

"The pipe wasn't really up to par for a lot of athletes, but Tamo was getting the biggest amplitude out of the pipe on his straight airs of any of the riders," said Picard.

Tamo's score was good enough to finish 10 th in the overall standings, just ahead of another WVSC rider Rausch in 11th. Massey was 13 th .

Also in the 13-14 age group, Tylor MacMillan was fourth and Jeremy Wallace eighth.

Whistler's Valerie Legere finished third overall in the women's halfpipe, as well as third in the women's 19 and Over category.

Stephanie Just, who rides for the WVSC, was second in the women's 17-18 group.

In the slopestyle on Saturday, more than 80 men took part. Whistler's Lee Karlovic was first in the men's 19 and over age category and first overall. Rausch was fifth in the same category.

In the men's 17-18 group, Lyall was second with a score good enough to place him fourth overall. Burgess was fifth, Sabiston seventh, Massey eighth, Gordon 10 th , Cerka 11 th and Angel 13 th .

Jay Trusler was the top WVSC rider in the 15-16 group with a fifth place finish. MacFarlane was seventh, Ligeti eighth, Flavelle ninth and Medland 18 th .

Tylor MacMillan was second in the men's 13-14 group. Campos was eight and Jeremy Wallace 12 th .

Stephanie Just was second again the women's 17-18 category.