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Whistler riders named to provincial halfpipe team

Whistler grabs 11 of 17 spots



Last week, the B.C. Snowboard Association named its provincial halfpipe team for the 2006-07 season, with Whistler riders taking up 11 of the 17 spots.

Two of the Whistler riders are also members of the First Nations Snowboard Team, which was created in 2004 to encourage involvement and excellence in winter sports among aboriginal youth. Many of the riders were relatively new to snowboarding, but with the help of a coach they have literally progressed in leaps and bounds. Those riders are Jonathon Redman, who posted solid results in halfpipe and slopestyle at the provincial championships this year, and Chelsie Mitchell, who is one of the top up and coming women in the province.

Other riders have been competing in local and regional events from a young age, and recently made an impact at provincial events. One notable addition is Tamo Campos of North Vancouver, one of the outstanding members of the Whistler Valley Snowboard Club.


T.J. McKay, Whistler

Dustin O’Ferrall, Vernon

Roberto DiBari, Whistler

Chris Astofooroff, Big White

Tamo Campos, North Vancouver

Levi Froese, Whistler

Gerald Austman, Big White

Jonathon Redman, Whistler

Max Ritchie, Whistler

Yannick Goulet, Whistler

Jared Bunko, Kelowna

Ryan Rausch, Whistler


Koko Wright, Whistler

Helen Schettini, Whistler

Kelsey Borsa, Kelowna

Darcie Goodman, Whistler

Lisa Mason, Whistler

Chelsie Mitchell, Whistler