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Whistler remembers Pique founder

Publisher Kathy Barnett killed by driver while on cycling holiday in New Zealand



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The long-term plan, he said, was to grow the success of the paper so more New Zealand-like trips would be possible.

Said long-time friend and Pique columnist Michel Beaudry: “ Kathy Barnett loved her mountain home with a deep and abiding passion. In everything she did she always managed to hold Whistler’s best interests above her own personal needs and wants.”

Whistler Mayor Ken Melamed said Barnett’s death would be felt throughout the community.

“In this tragedy, Whistler has suffered an immense loss to the community,” he said.

“She could always be relied upon to lend her personal and professional support and business acumen to many worthwhile causes and initiatives and was a great supporter of the arts.

“Kathy will always be remembered by councils past and present and municipal staff for her integrity and her devotion to her friends and community.”

Indeed the chance to be part of Whistler was a driving force for Barnett. When she was awarded the Business Person the Year award in 2002, she had this to say: “It is an honour because it’s not just about business, this award indicated involvement in the community, mentorship, all of those things. The great part about living in a town like Whistler is that you can be involved.”

Memorial details will be released as they become available.