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Whistler RCMP warns against card skimmers

Merchants should regularly inspect the ATM and look for signs of tampering.



Scammers have been placing skimming devices onto automated banking machines in Whistler and the Lower Mainland, prompting RCMP to issue a warning to shoppers and employees to be on the lookout for the machines.

The skimmers capture a person’s personal data, bankcard numbers and PIN codes, then create their own cards that they use to withdraw money or make purchases.

As well, some scammers use cameras that capture both the numbers on the cards as well as the card owner’s movements entering PIN numbers.

There was an issue in Whistler a few years ago that affected hundreds of people and cost banks tens of thousands of dollars, but that was curtailed after the banks began to issue bank cards with security chips. The latest round of skimmers appears to be targeting American cards that do not have the chips.

The RCMP issued the following advice to business owners:

• Regularly inspect the ATM and look for signs of tampering.

• Look at the PIN pad and card swipe areas to ensure that nothing appears out of the ordinary.

• Stores should treat the keypad on point-of-sale machines like cash, and always keep it behind the counter when it’s not in use.

• Check the keypad daily. If there are stickers or seals on the back of the pad, ensure that they are intact.

If you have any information regarding card skimming, contact the RCMP at 604-938-0202, ext. 231 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).

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