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Whistler RCMP seize skimming devices

Police Briefs: News Year's Eve goes well, domestic assault, and bridge jump



Police were notified this week of debit card skimming devices installed at several ABMs across Whistler.

The devices were located at a village coffee shop, pub and at a hotel. All three were seized and photographed for forensic evidence.

"Numerous other ABMs were checked... and found not to have skimming devices. The machines are checked regularly just to avoid this kind of problem," RCMP Staff Sgt. Steve LeClair said.

New Year's Eve considered success

Arrests were up slightly during New Year's Eve festivities compared to last year, although the head of Whistler's RMCP called the night a success.

There were 15 arrests made throughout the night, up from 10 last year, although the number was down from previous years.

"Overall we're pleased with how the evening went," said LeClair.

Officers issued 38 tickets for open liquor in total, down slightly from last year, 10 for public intoxication and three for public urination.

The culture of Whistler's end-of-year celebrations has changed markedly since the municipality ushered in more family-friendly entertainment, a move that LeClair applauds.

U.K woman allegedly attacks boyfriend with cell phone

A U.K. woman in Whistler to ring in the New Year was arrested Dec. 31 for allegedly assaulting her boyfriend in a drunken fight.

RCMP received a call just after 7 p.m. from hotel staff requesting assistance to remove the woman, who refused to leave the premises. The 25 year old was found in her hotel room "extremely intoxicated," LeClair said. Police learned from staff that the woman had reportedly struck her boyfriend in the face with her cell phone, causing an injury that required three stitches.

A judicial hearing was held, where the Crown entered a stay in proceedings because the woman was set to leave the country shortly after.

Man attacked by girlfriend with laptop

Local police received another report of a domestic assault on Jan. 3 involving a 45-year-old Whistler woman who reportedly attacked her boyfriend with a laptop.

The man told police his girlfriend had been acting erratically "because of her ex-husband," and had "broken her guitar and pushed him out of the way," LeClair said.

After being asked to leave, the woman refused, the man said, and then proceeded to start yelling at another family member. She then began reportedly hitting her boyfriend repeatedly with a laptop in the head and shoulders.

She was arrested for assault and released with a promise to appear in court.

Loader reported stolen from Rainbow construction site

A construction company working in Rainbow is without a skid-steer loader after it was noticed missing from the worksite last month.

On Jan. 5, a complainant reported the theft of a 2011 Caterpillar skid-steer loader, which was last seen on Dec. 18. LeClair said the theft would have likely required a truck to cart off the heavy equipment.

That investigation is ongoing.

Man jumps off bridge to 'showboat while intoxicated'

An Australian man was sent to hospital Jan. 4 after he jumped off a pedestrian bridge while intoxicated, police said.

Police were advised by first responders that a male had jumped from the Ted Nebbeling Bridge after spending the evening drinking with a friend and attending a local nightclub.

"He was extremely intoxicated at the time," LeClair explained. "He didn't jump to harm or hurt himself, but rather as a means of showboating while intoxicated."

The man was taken to local hospital before being transported to Lions Gate Hospital, although his injuries were not severe, LeClair said.

No charges were laid.


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