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Whistler musicians' top albums of the 2012

See picks by everyone from Ali Milner to Animal Nation



Whistler might not have a record store, but that doesn't stop its musicians from discovering new music that falls outside of their own scenes.

Because the Internet, newspapers and magazines are brimming with gloriously nerdy lists of 2012's top albums, we decided to put the question to some local musicians as well. We encouraged them to explain their choice and include their favourite album's standout track.

The results were surprisingly diverse, covering country, classic rock, hip hop and indie rock. Check 'em out, give 'em a spin and enjoy.

Ali Milner, songstress who blends R&B, rock and jazz

Top album of 2012: Tennis, Young & Old

File under: Indie rock

Why it rocked: "Young & Old provided the perfect soundtrack to one of my favourite summers yet with a blend of nostalgia, romance, spangle-y throwback guitars, and twinkly piano parts. It's a husband and wife duo and each song they've created is its own special bundle of low-key loveliness. It's perfect for throwing on during a road trip, walking the dog, or soaking up the sun with friends. 2012 produced a lot of incredible albums (Plants and Animals' The End of That, The Shins' Port of Morrow), but Tennis' Young & Old will forever transport me right back to the sunny, smiley summer of 2012." 

Standout track: "Petition"


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