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Whistler musicians have big plans

Jon Shrier and Frankie G plot a rock attack at Dusty's on Friday



WHO: Jon Shrier and Fankie G, with guests

WHERE: Dusty's

WHEN: Friday, 8 p.m.

Remember the Whole Damn County? Remember when they would pack the Crab Shack every Sunday? And then they'd do it again on Mondays at Moe Joe's?

Jon Shrier's trying to bring that back. He and Frankie G, drummer extraordinaire, want to be Whistler's club packin' house band. Backed by a few multi-instrumentalist friends, they want to rock your tailbone into a frenzy at least one night a week.

But first, they need to prove to you that they can actually do this. And they're planning to prove it this Friday at Dusty's.

"My biggest dream is to take this and do something worthwhile with it," Shrier says.

The two men met when jamming during Wednesday open mic nights at Black's and for the past couple of months, they've been writing new tunes and refining the covers for their debut gig. This is alternative rock, blasting out some covers along with Shrier-penned originals in a style Shrier calls "Shrier." Yes, the man's got a bit of an ego on him but we'll forgive him because he can sing and loves the rock. Loves the rock.

"We're capitalizing on what's happening," Shrier says. "For all I know, we could disband and everything (could) fall to shit but if it goes to plan, it's going to be a really, really good show. If everything comes together it's going to be epic."

They're making a whole production out of it. Literally. Filming it, recording it, making T-shirts. They're tackling their debut gig in a way that only established bands tend to do.

If this gig is successful, Shrier hopes to become a go-to band for Tourism Whistler events, for private parties, for weddings and so on. He'll form a press kit with audio and footage, so the more people at the venue, the better it'll look.

Shrier says he'd like the band to reach outside of Whistler and while he has no ambition to headline arenas across Canada, he'd love to be the opener for the opener of one of those headlining acts in an arena.

"I was not the guy dreaming like, 'I want to be famous.' But I want to take it as far as we can go our way. I can only go so far in Whistler and I can only go so far by myself. I think the same thing of these guys."

Tickets are $5 at the door.



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