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Whistler moves up (slightly) on municipal grant list


Whistler has climbed the provincial government’s list of municipal grants and this year will receive only the second lowest grant of all municipalities across the province.

The unconditional grant of $42,373 for Whistler announced on April 1 is slightly above the $41,971 announced for Quesnel.

However, the value of Whistler’s municipal grant is climbing. Last year the municipality received $34,781, the smallest unconditional grant in the province. In 2001 Whistler received $27,124 and in 2000 Whistler was the only municipality to receive less than $10,000.

Last week Victoria announced $36.1 million in unconditional grants for municipalities and regional districts. That’s about the same amount as provided last year. The grants include $24 million for small- and medium-sized municipalities to fund basic services such as road and parks maintenance, recreational facilities and services and community planning. Another $10 million is allocated for municipalities providing police services. Regional districts received a total of $2.1 million.

Squamish received $138,056 and Pemberton $116,740, the same amounts they received last year. The Squamish-Lillooet Regional District received $120,000, about the same as most regional districts and the same as it received last year.

Vancouver received the highest grant, $2,399,873.

Unconditional grants are only one potential source of funds for municipalities from senior levels of government.