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Whistler: more than music, mountains and mayhem

Series positioned as a hip, sophisticated mystery with a sense of humour



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"In terms of style and direction, the demo gets compared to The O.C. The show is great in terms of how it gets shot and how the characters are so fully developed," she said. " Whistler will be shot in high definition. It will look fantastic."

Asked about a visual benchmark, she considers the options and then says, with a laugh, "Warren Miller."

Although the show is set in Whistler, most of the filming will occur in a converted warehouse in Langley. York says that the ongoing work on the Sea to Sky Highway, and unpredictable road closures, made it impractical to set the production in, or closer to, the resort. However, series-establishing and "flavour" shots of the village and surrounding community will be plentiful.

While the show’s March debut is months away, the producers are already considering a four-season cycle. This would provide them with the magic number of shows necessary for syndication and take the show all the way up to the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. And who knows, it might just generate a few more bodies on the slopes in the meantime.