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Whistler Medical Marijuana Company has license renewed

Commercial pot producer set to expand operationBy Brandon Barrett


Whistler's only certified commercial producer of medical marijuana recently had its license renewed by Health Canada.

Whistler Medical Marijuana Company (WWMC), Canada's first certified-organic pot producer, received notice last week confirming the renewal of its Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulation (MMPR) license.

"It means we get to move forward now that all the heavy lifting is mostly done," said WWMC founder Chris Pelz. "It's been a year of a ton of work; capital intensive, lots of regulatory hoops to jump through and building up the industry with the help of local Health Canada inspectors."

The license renewal is another milestone for the Whistler company, the ninth commercial marijuana producer licensed in Canada under Ottawa's overhauled federal MMPR program. In December, the producer was given approval to expand its 1,161-square-metre operation in Function Junction to 3,066 square metres. Pelz said he expects the expansion to be completed this year.

The added space will allow WWMC to increase its production capacity, and interest from clients across the country has risen since the company re-opened patient registration this month, Pelz said.

The company is also in discussions to potentially bring its product overseas.

"On the strength of the Whistler brand we're going to look at being one of the first (licensed producers) to export to Europe," said Pelz, adding that WWMC representatives will be attending a conference in Prague this week. "The Czech Republic is the first one our list."

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