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Whistler man convicted for threatening landlord

RCMP news: Alpine thefts, Pemberton staff threatened, magic mushroom man arrested



A dispute between a landlord and tenant resulted in a Whistler man uttering death threats and being sentenced in court.

Last Tuesday, Oct. 28 a complainant called the RCMP to report that a suspect at a business on Village Green had threatened him and another man. Police interviewed one of the victims, who said the man "threatened to kill both of them" if they ever entered his residence again, according to Staff Sgt. Steve LeClair.

The suspect reportedly rents a basement suite from one of the complainants, and the threats allegedly stemmed from a verbal dispute that began when the landlord tried to enter the residence to do some repairs.

"He said words that 'He was going to kill him and gut him like a pig,'" LeClair said.

The suspect, 42-year-old Jason Kohler, pled guilty to uttering threats on Thursday, Oct. 30 and was handed a suspended sentence and 12 months probation.

RCMP investigating string of thefts in Alpine Meadows

Police believe a rash of reported thefts and break-ins in Alpine Meadows this week are related.

The first incident was reported on Monday, Nov. 3 by a complainant who said his bike lock was cut in front of his home on Alpine Way.

"He feels that he or someone else must've scared off the potential thief because the bike was still there," LeClair said.

The same day, police also received a report of a break-in at a residence on Valley Drive.

The following day, two high-end mountain bikes valued at nearly $5,000 were reported stolen from a garage on Valley Drive.

The RCMP's forensic identification team is currently examining the scene for fingerprints.

On Tuesday, Nov. 4, another garage was reportedly broken into on Drifter Way. The home's occupant said he noticed his bike had been moved around, and a towel was placed over a motion sensor, but nothing was taken.

"We believe these are related just because there's been some similar M.O.'s," LeClair noted.

Vancouver man allegedly threatens staff at Pemberton store

A Vancouver man, convinced that the staff at a retail store in Pemberton had stolen his property a month prior, allegedly threatened employees and was subsequently arrested.

Staff told police that the unknown man entered the store on the afternoon of Oct. 13 to accuse them of stealing from him on a previous visit. The suspect, a 42-year-old man, was caught on surveillance footage and later tracked down at a Pemberton restaurant, where he was arrested for mischief and uttering threats.

The suspect will appear in court in January.

Police uncover marijuana during routine road check

Whistler police were conducting roadside safety checks on Halloween night when they detected the odour of marijuana coming from one of the stopped vehicles.

A subsequent search of the vehicle uncovered 10 individual bags reportedly containing one gram each of marijuana.

The suspect, a 25-year-old Whistler male, was arrested for purposes of trafficking and was released with a promise to appear in court.

'Hallucinating' man arrested for apparent possession of 'magic mushrooms'

Police checking on the status of a man who was reportedly hallucinating early Sunday, Nov. 3 discovered two bags of what appeared to be "magic mushrooms" near a village store.

The 25-year-old man allegedly tossed two bags of the substance in the grass near a fire hydrant on Main Street once he saw police arrive. Officers located the bags "filled with brown mushrooms believed to be magic mushrooms, or psilocybin," LeClair said. A subsequent search of the suspect uncovered a bag of marijuana.

The Mount Currie man was arrested and released on conditions to stay out of Whistler and not be in possession of intoxicating substances.

No suspect yet in village beatdown

The night manager of a village hotel called police in the early hours of Saturday, Nov. 1 to report a fight outside with one male bleeding from the face.

The alleged victim, a 24-year-old Vancouver man, had suffered broken teeth and a swollen lip and told police an unknown man kicked him in the face while he was down.

The man was unable to provide a description of the suspect. The investigation is ongoing.