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Whistler Live! goes visual

Sea to Sky artists contribute work, talent and time to four new Olympic programs



With the Olympics just three weeks away, the organizers of Whistler Live! are now painting a much more vivid picture of the visual arts programming that's to take place here in Whistler.

In addition to the Gamestime version of Whistler Arts Council's annual ArtWalk that was announced last week, the Whistler Live! team has unveiled plans for four other visual arts programs - Core Shots! Screen Photography, Artists at Work on the Stroll, GOBOS (Goes Before Optics) and Cut Outs - that will feature the work of a number of talented Sea to Sky artists.

"We wanted to make sure that we covered all aspects of visual arts in Whistler," explained Ali Richmond, marketing and creative integration manager for Whistler Live! and marketing and communications manager for Whistler Arts Council.

Core Shots! is a digital exhibition of outdoor winter sport photography, incorporating many of the same photographers who compete in the Out of Bounds: Tales of the Backcountry event that usually takes place in February.

"That's not happening this year, so we wanted this program to make up for it," Richmond said. "It's going to be a fantastic program; it offers a lot of great exposure for the photographers."

Photo slideshows and a selection of credited still shots will be shown on 14 Whistler Live! screens throughout the village. Participating photographers include Dagan Beach, Eric Berger, Jeff Boyce, Andrew Bradley, Dan Carr, Greg Eymundson, Rich Glass, David Henkel, Brian Hockenstein, Bryn Hughes, Blake Jorgenson, Toshi Kawano, Joern Rohde, Bruce Rowles, Nicolas Teichrob and Cam Unger.

Artists at Work on the Stroll was the only program opened to artists from outside of the Sea to Sky region. A range of artists from across the province will set up in Town Plaza gazebo, painting in acrylic and spray paint mediums while musicians provide a soundtrack for their creative process. The 10 artists included in this program are Lani Imre, Taka Sudo, Scott Tobin, Amanda Shatzko, Olivier Roy, Stan Matwychuk, Chili Thom, Alex Foulis, Dave Hennigar and Vanessa Stark, who will take turns working live, on-site, throughout the Games.

GOBOS (Goes Before Optics) is probably the most cutting-edge visual concept included in the Whistler Live! lineup. Pieces by Nathan French, Lani Imre, Vanessa Stark, Laurel Terlesky and Chili Thom have been juried into this part of the of the show, to be projected onto the surface of the snow almost like a massive stained glass window.

"We have taken pieces of artists' work that have already been created - we didn't commission anything new - and we have gotten their artwork sketched into glass," Richmond explained. "These glass discs will be put over top of stage lighting during the (nightly) Fire & Ice Remix. The light will project the image onto the snow, so it will be this huge piece of artwork moving all across the snowbase during the Fire & Ice. It'll be really cool!"