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Whistler is almost whistle free



Council is taking the whistle out of Whistler.

On Tuesday council unanimously passed a resolution that would prohibit the use of train whistles at the Rainbow Park, Alta Lake Station and Nicklaus North public crossings.

This doesn't mean the town is free quite yet. Now that council has approved "whistle cessation," the RMOW must take the request to Transport Canada and CN Rail for approval to initiate a form of notice to give to their train engineers to lay off the whistle at certain points along their routes.

"Of course we don't control the train whistles. The engineers on the trains control those whistles," said Dave Patterson, manager parks operations for the RMOW.

Before the request could go through council, a safety assessment and infrastructure work at the crossing was completed to ensure public safety at the crossings, as requested by CN Rail should whistle cessation be initiated. The infrastructure for this safety work cost the RMOW $200,000 per crossing.



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