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Whistler hotels shelter stranded travellers



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Tourism Whistler hasn’t had any cancellations, but they will be watching the long term situation closely.

"We’ve had no cancellation at this point, although it’s too early to see what the effects ultimately will be, here and in North America," said Barrett Fisher, vice president of marketing strategy and business development. "We will continue to watch this until an outcome or a resolution.

"It’s still new, and the first wave for us is to show our concern for friends, family, and business contacts."

Whistler RCMP was flying its flags at half-mast, and as of Wednesday afternoon had fielded approximately 20 calls from Americans who were looking for information on flights and borders, said Constable Ray Bernoties. Many of those calls were referred to the Victim Services unit.

"It’s still ongoing down there. The only step we’ve taken right now it to lower our flag," Bernoties said. The RCMP will likely make some kind of memorial contribution to recognize the police officers who died in the line of duty.

"There is a family feeling among police officers, so we’ll be watching that as the story develops."

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