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Whistler Green – the short version



Whistler is working on its own green building policy called Whistler Green for residential properties. The policy is currently being refined and it’s hoped that it will be before council by summer for approval.

Relative to conventional methods, homes built to the Whistler Green standard will have significant environmental, economic and human health benefits. They will incorporate sensitive site work and landscape planning; use energy, water and materials efficiently; and create healthy, comfortable living environments.

Hundreds of additional dwelling units are proposed in Whistler during the next five to 10 years in new neighbourhoods and through redevelopment within existing settled areas. Whistler Green homes would set a new standard for residential construction that is consistent with Whistler 2020 and serves as a model for the community.

This policy establishes six broad objectives for the design, construction and operation of buildings and their sites in Whistler.

• Site/Landscape: Minimize disturbance to natural habitat, vegetation and hydrology through careful location, design, construction and site rehabilitation.

• Energy: Decrease energy requirements and associated greenhouse gas emissions; lower the share of energy supplied by non-renewable sources.

• Water: Reduce the total volume of water used for buildings and associated landscaping; lower the share of water needs met through the municipal potable system.

• Materials: Use less new material through efficient design and engineering, and reuse materials; increase the application of renewable, recycled and locally-sourced materials.

• Waste: Lower the total volume of waste sent to landfills during construction and occupancy; work toward the community’s goal of generating no landfill waste.

• Indoor Environment: Minimize chemical emissions from materials used in buildings; provide excellent ventilation and air filtering.

To find out more abut Whistler Green visit the RMOW’s website at www.whistler.ca and search for “Whistler Green”.

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