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Whistler grads look forward to the future

Three from Class of ’08 stepping out onto world stage



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“Skiing is just kind of what I do all the time, I’ve missed a lot of school so far for skiing,” she said. “I never really was planning on going to university right after, so I’ll just take it as far as I can.”

Though she certainly has the Olympics in her sights, she knows she’ll have to keep working at it if she wants to qualify.

“It just depends on who’s skiing fast in the weeks before the Olympics,” she said. “It’s not based on the year before or two years before, it’s just in the month or two prior.”

Jenya Dudley, meanwhile, has a lot more studying to look forward to. A student with one of the top GPAs in her class for all her years in high school, she has been accepted to the University of British Columbia and will be studying in the Faculty of Science come September.

Asked how it feels to be leaving school, Dudley didn’t hold back.

“(I’m) kind of excited because I get to do something new for a change,” she said. “It’s nice to do something else, and there’s nothing more we could possibly get out of this.”

In addition to her acceptance, Dudley has received a $4,000 entrance scholarship from UBC, an award that recognizes students who are leaders in a variety of areas, including artistic endeavours, community service and school activities.

When she starts at UBC in September, she’ll be taking courses in physics, chemistry, math and geology. Though she’s quite aware of the amount of studying she’ll have to do to keep up with a difficult program, she’s confident that she’ll do well.

“I really like doing the sciences and I kind of have a knack for it,” Dudley said. “I think I could do some cool things with it.”

These students’ endeavours, scholarly, musical or otherwise, are certain to keep them busy in the months and years ahead, though all of them will miss home from time to time.

When asked what she’ll miss most about Whistler Secondary School, Milner mentioned the sense of community she had while in high school.

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