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Whistler goes Live!

Resort Municipality of Whistler announces new team to manage live celebration sites during Olympics



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Pitman, Smythe and Brown join Richoz, Stephanie Matches, Leanna Rathkelly, Laurie Vance, Linda Godin, Sharon Broatch, Jodi Westbury, Roger Weetman and Tom Thomson on the 2009-2010 board of directors. Outgoing members Heather Clifford, Mike Duggan, Christine Stufano and Shauna Hardy Mishaw were thanked for their contributions.

During the AGM, Richoz revealed that a committee of two board members from WAC and Maurice Young Millennium Place are currently working with the RMOW towards integrating the societies to create a hub for arts and culture in Whistler. Professional Environmental Recreation Consultants (PERC) compiled a 20-page report recommending that WAC and MY Place Society collapse into one society to be housed within MY Place, which would become the dedicated arts and culture centre of the community. Since then, Richoz said that senior staff from both organizations have been meeting to figure out operational efficiencies, while MY Place operates on a "business as usual" basis, with an interim GM working through a complete operational review, and WAC continues working on their summer projects, like ArtWalk and Whistler Art Workshops on the Lake.

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