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Whistler goes Live!

Resort Municipality of Whistler announces new team to manage live celebration sites during Olympics



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Since the medals presentations have returned to Celebration Plaza, and it is now called Whistler Medals Plaza, VANOC will be responsible for producing all of the programming of the medals ceremonies, which consist of a pre-show, medals presentations and a nightly concert or performance. But Rae points out that Whistler Live! members actually sit on the steering committee and will have "significant" input into what the events at Whistler Medals Plaza will look like.

"The reason we have significant input is because we've made a significant investment," Rae explained. "Because when we brought the medals back into Medals Plaza the way we did that was by redeploying funds that were previously earmarked for up and down the stroll at the other five sites."

Events at the Whistler Medals Plaza, which is now an official venue that will hold 5,000 spectators, won't be free; there will be a nominal charge to attend performances and ceremonies at this site.

The Whistler Live! team will develop a comprehensive schedule leading up to the Games, reporting to municipal council and agencies like the IOC, IPC and VANOC.

They're also drawing on the expertise of the creative teams and programmers from VANOC's Cultural Olympiad and Sport Production and Ceremonies.

A schedule for Whistler Live! will be posted on Whistler's Games website by September.

What's in store for WAC in 2009/2010?

The Whistler Arts Council held its annual general meeting on Thursday, June 18, electing their board of directors and appointing a new director in the process.

While Joan Pitman and Debbie Smythe were each re-elected to the board for another two-year term, Janet Brown was elected as the new director.

"I am very pleased to welcome our new and returning directors to the board and look forward to working with them over the next two years," Joan Richoz, chair of the Board of Directors, said in a recent press release. "Janet will expand and broaden our ties to the business community."

Brown comes from a business background, working as a senior executive in the banking and investment industry, sales, marking and client service. She is a B&B operator, avid skier and Chair of the Rotary Foundation.

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