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Whistler freestylers dominate at Apex



Members of the Whistler Blackcomb Freestyle Club headed to Apex Mountain Resort this past weekend for the first B.C. Series events of the season. The event included "Timber Tour" events for older kids and a Super Youth Challenge for kids 12 and under.

On Jan. 18, Timber Tour athletes competed in slopestyle, while Super Youth took part in a big air.

In slopestyle, Whistler's Teagan Bruns and Mackenzie Wilson were second and third in F4, with Sofiane Gagnon in fourth.

In Boys M3 (ages 14 and 15) Whistler's Bradley Pudritz was sixth, Aidan McConnell 10th, Nikolas Blomberg 12th and Daichi Hara 22nd.

Luke Smart was first in M4 by 12 points. Charles Armstrong was fifth, Ben Wilkinson 14th, Carter Krasny 15th, Kevin Leslie 16th, James Sambell 21st and Evan Low 22nd.

In the Super Youth competition, Aiofe Gannon was second in F4 (age 12), followed by teammates Karly Peterson and Janelle Law. The Whistler team swept the F5 (ages 10 and 11) category with Anna Wilkinson first, Erin Wilson second, Ali Rainnie third, Maia Schwinghammer fourth, Raine Haziza fifth and Olivia Topp was seventh. In F6 (ages 8 and 9), Chase Capicik-Bradley was second, followed by teammates Katelyn Peteson and Maddy Low.

In M4, brothers Chase and Anders Ujejski were first and second, with teammate Seth McGregor third, David Wilkinson fourth, Evan Phillips fifth, Sam Cordell sixth and Matias Blomberg eighth. In M5, Kai Smart was first, followed by teammate Max Edwards. Tasman Forster was seventh, Liam Rivera eighth and Riley Bowie 16th.

Day two, Jan. 19, was the moguls competition. In Super Youth, Aiofe Gannon, Karly Peterson and Janelle Law were second, third and fourth in F4. In M4 Anders Ujejski, David Wilkinson and Chase Ujejski swept the podium with Kevin Madi fourth, Seth McGregor fifth, Jonas Gabelhouse sixth, Sam Cordell seventh, Evan Phillips eighth and Matias Blomberg 11th.

In F5 it was another Whistler sweep with Anna Wilkinson first, Maia Schwinghammer second, Erin Wilson third, Raine Haziza fourth, Ali Rainnie sixth and Olivia Topp seventh.

In M5 it was Drew Waddle first, Kai Smart second, Max Edwards fourth, Liam Rivera fifth, Riley Bowie ninth, Tasman Forster 11th and River Stanger 16th. In F5, Maddy Low was second, Chase Capicik-Bradley fourth and Katelyn Peterson fifth.

In M6, Stephen Linsay-Ross was seventh for Whistler, while Daniel Gannon was 11th and Saxon Forster 13th.

In the Timber Tour division, Whistler's Nicola Halliwell and Sophie McGregor, training with the provincial team, won their respective categories.

In M3 (ages 14 and 15) Daichi Hara of Whistler placed first, Aidan McConnell 13th and Bradley Pudrite 14th.

In F4 (13 and under), Sofiane Gagnon was first, Mackenzie Wilson sixth and Teagan Bruns 10th. Luke Smart another gold in M4, with Charles Armstrong placing fourth, Kevin Leslie eighth, Ben Wilkinson ninth, Carter Krasny 11th, Michael Madi 14th, James Sambell 16th and Evan Low 17th.

On the final day, the Super Youth tackled the slopestyle while the Timber Tour moved on to the Big Air contest.

For the Super Youth, Maddy Low was second in F6, with teammate Katelyn Peterson fourth. Daniel Gannon was sixth in M6 Saxon Forster was seventh and Stephen Linsay-Ross 13th.

In F5, Erin Wilson and Anna Wilkinson were first and second, Ali Rainnie was fourth, Raine Haziza fifth, Maia Schwinghammer seventh and Olivia Topp ninth. In M5, Kai Smart placed first, followed by Max Edwards in second. Liam Rivera was eighth, Riley Bowie 10th and River Stanger 16th.

Aiofe Gannon was first in F4, followed by teammate Karly Peterson. Chase and Anders Ujejski were first and second in M4, with David Wilkinson third, Evan Phillips fourth, Sam Cordell fifth, Seth McGregor sixth and Matias Blomberg eighth.

In the Timber Tour big air, Teagan Bruns was first in F4, followed by teammate Sofiane Gagnon in second.

Bradley Pudritz was second in M3, while Nikolas Blomberg was seventh and Aidan McConnell 12th. Luke Smart was second in M4, followed by teammate Charles Armstrong in third, Kevin Leslie in eighth, Evan Low in 11th, James Sambell in 13th, Carter Krasny in 16th and Ben Wilkinson in 17th.