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Whistler Film Festival unveils movie list

Four films making world premiers at annual celebration of moving pictures



With less than a month until the Whistler Film Festival (WFF) the movie lineup for the fest has been released.

Festival organizers received more than 800 submissions and whittled the final selections down to 76 films to be shown over the course of five days starting on Nov. 28. The movies will play on five screens in four different movie venues in Whistler. Six of the films will make their world premier at the Whistler event.

Paul Gratton, the WFF’s new director of programming, said through a news release that the lineup this year is geared to a wide variety of tastes.

"Choosing a movie for a film festival is like buying a Christmas gift after a lot of thought and consideration and having to wait impatiently until it's unveiled on the night of its official premiere,” said Gratton. “The programming team at Whistler is excited and eager to see how audiences will respond to our selections this year, which we think can best be described as being ‘cool’ movies. We are particularly proud that only eight of our 40 plus titles were also unspooled at TIFF, which indicates that we are succeeding in carving out a distinct niche for Whistler amidst the plethora of film festivals that currently dot the media landscape."

The festival will open this year with a film from Canadian writer and director Michael McGowan. His film called One Week opened the festival in 2008. The Opening Night Gala will feature McGowan’s new film called Still. The film is based on the true story of 88 year-old Craig Morrison’s efforts to build a home from scratch.

The movies making world premiers at the festival are Bird Co. Media by Vancouver director Jason Bourque, The Movie Out Here directed by David Hicks, Mad Ship directed by David Mortin, Status Quo? directed by Karen Cho, and Tempting Fear directed by Mike Douglas.

The festival is aiming to please all ages with kid-friendly flicks in the new GKids Showcase. The WFF will screen four animated films from around the world, including Zarafa from France and The Rabbi’s Cat, which is another French film set in Algeria in the 1920’s.

For the complete list of movies scheduled to show at the WFF check out the news release (http://www.whistlerfilmfestival.com/images/PDF/WFF12-Lineup-Release11012012.pdf) at the WFF website. Also, check back for more on the festival from Pique Newsmagazine.