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Whistler Film Festival launches donation appeal

Festival has shortfall after "challenges" with box office system



The Whistler Film Festival (WFF) has launched an emergency appeal for donations after experiencing "major challenges" with its box office system and suffering a shortfall.

The appeal was launched to online supporters on Wednesday, Dec. 21, three weeks after the start of the 2016 festival, which ran from Nov. 30 to Dec. 4.

It reads:

"We experienced major challenges with our box office system, which some of you also encountered. As a result, we did not meet our targets and have experienced a shortfall. So, we are reaching out to our film fans and filmmakers to ask you to help support WFF."

Supporters are asked to make a donation by Dec. 31 to the WFF Annual Fund in order to receive a charitable tax receipt, which can be issued for donations of $50 or more.

In order to donate, visit:

For more information on WFF visit