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Whistler end of Olympic bid needs work



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In his speech to the board of trade Pound described the evaluation commission.

"It’s not a feel-good commission. They’ve seen it all, they’re not going to be impressed by a warm welcome. They’ll tear the bid apart and act like the auditor general on a bad day."

Pound added the evaluation commission’s report will be made public so the bid "had better be bullet-proof."

He concluded by saying the Games are no longer a drain on the host country and should provide a profit. Television rights for the Athens Games in 2004 are worth $1.6 billion US. Sponsorship rights by 2010 could be worth close to $1 billion, he said.

"The Games are an opportunity that should be seized with enthusiasm. There’s no better country in the world, no better Olympic host. Let’s get out there and win both prizes."