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Whistler delegation set for Torino

Eight councilors and staff head to Italy in February



Councillors and staff are getting ready for a whirlwind trip to Torino for the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

A group of eight will be representing Whistler at the Olympic Games, including Mayor Ken Melamed, two councillors and five members of staff.

Melamed chose the two councillor names from a hat and the day after the election Tim Wake and Nancy Wilhelm-Morden were advised they would be taking the trip to Italy.

Wake will be going for the opening ceremonies and will spend the first week there. He wants to focus on how the community has been involved in the Games.

"I’m planning to spend a lot of time looking behind the scenes," he said.

The second week the mayor and Wilhelm-Morden will take his place.

The trip for all eight members is expected to cost the municipality roughly $50,000.

Councillor Ralph Forsyth said this week that he may be heading to Torino too if his niece, Sarah Smith, qualifies for the 500 metre speed skating event.

"It’s a big day for our family to have someone compete in the Olympics," said Forsyth.

Less than a month after the Olympics Councillors Bob Lorriman and Gord McKeever will represent Whistler at the Paralympic Games, along with several municipal staff members. It is not yet clear how much that trip will cost.

While the mayor and the others are overseas, the rest of the community will be celebrating the 2006 Winter Games in Whistler. Events will be held in the resort in conjunction with the Games.