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Whistler couple to appeal Fire Commissioner’s Order


Lisa Suchy wants the B.C. Supreme Court to overturn a fire marshal’s order which states that only 10 people can stay in her Panorama Ridge home.

Last month the Whistler Fire Department counted 70 beds in the home and estimated 30 people were living there.

Suchy, in documents filed in court earlier this week and reported in the Vancouver Sun newspaper, said that the home had never slept up to 80 people.

Nor does it have 10 bedrooms, she said.

Suchy’s affidavit says that the 15-bed attic – which she maintains is a loft – has not been used for sleeping since last February.

Furthermore, she noted that she has a license for rental housing given to her by the Resort Municipality of Whistler.

She said a company was hired to do an inspection to bring the house up to the fire codes as well.

The home, which is located at 3322 Panorama Ridge in the Brio subdivision, is called Whistler’s Eagle’s Nest Chalet. On the Web site, the house is listed as being for sale as a corporate retreat for $2.7 million.

She lives there with her husband Roland (Rico) Suchy.

The Suchy’s currently rent beds for $680 a month all-inclusive, or $538 each for couples sharing beds.

Suchy also submitted a letter of support signed by the 28 guests that were evicted from the house at the time the Fire Commissioner’s Order was carried out. The letter was signed by guests from England, Australia, Japan, Finland, and Sweden.

The Suchy’s also appeared in court last week to face charges for allegedly feeding local bears. A trial is set for June 16.