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Whistler couple ordered deported

Former owners of SecurCom and SecurePro lose appeal to stay in Canada



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In March 1998 Peter Simon left a message on the administrative assistant’s phone answering machine which said: "…there are actually no consular investment. Um, I actually took the money… Ya, that’s the truth. I just thought about it and wanted to let you know that this money wasn’t invested with someone at the consulate. So I just couldn’t sleep through the night and I thought about the whole thing and I think it is better that I let you know now."

In June 1998 the Simons moved to Whistler after seeing an ad for strawberry pickers in Pemberton.

After a week of picking Sybille got a job as a secretary of Spearhead Security, which sold and installed alarm systems under a dealership with ADT.

Two weeks after that Peter got a job as a guard with Whistler Guard and Patrol, a company which was owned by the same person who owned Spearhead.

Within months Peter was made manager and by November, according to Simon, the owner agreed to him becoming a partner in the business, receiving a 50 per cent share of the profits.

In the spring of 1999 the owner of Spearhead decided to close up shop. In September of that year ADT awarded the dealership for Whistler to Peter Simon.

On Jan. 20, 2000 the Simons pleaded guilty to two counts of fraud totalling $99,777.

They were sentenced to 90 days in jail, to be served on weekends at the Squamish jail, given consecutive 12 month conditional sentences, put on probation and ordered to pay back the money they took.

During the immigration appeal Peter Simon said he only understood in May of 2000 that he could not be a director of a company for five years following a criminal conviction.

"He therefore removed his name as director of his company, Whistler Guard and Patrol, and replaced it with the name of his sales manager…" states the appeal decision.

In July 2000 the Simons moved out of their apartment and into a rented home in Emerald Estates.

In August of 2000 SecurCom and SecurPro were both incorporated by the sales manager of the guard company.

The Simons ran into trouble when Sybille did a house call to a new Whistler homeowner who recognized her and knew she had a fraud conviction.

To sell security services one must have a security licence, and you can’t get a licence if you have a criminal conviction.

The homeowner filed a complaint with the Security Programs Division of the Ministry of Public Safety. After an investigation Sybille was fined $282. SecurCom was fined $575.

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