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Whistler council has long list of 'Things to Do' before election

Mayor and council have busy summer schedule of workshops, meetings and big decisions



Don't let the silence fool you.

Though the gloves are not yet out in public, the election lines are quietly being drawn in living rooms and small tĂȘte-a-tĂȘtes throughout Whistler.

A battleground is beginning to take shape beneath the barely concealed tension that has for months been festering at the council table.

But the tough work, the real work, is still not done.

Before this council calls it a day, there are critical planning documents to adopt, a new staff leader to be chosen, and a decision once and for all on the pay parking strategy that has dogged the town.

In just the last two weeks alone council met eight times for workshops, regular council meetings and closed door sessions, trying to check some of these items off its list.

Summer 2011 will be full of important decisions, not the least of which is: am I going to run again in November's election?

"It's been fascinating listing to my mind churn and weigh the decisions back and forth," said Mayor Ken Melamed. "It really is week to week. I can see myself taking both paths, trying to visualize both paths and evaluate what makes the most sense."

So with four months left of his term, one that may mark the end of his almost 15 years in local government, Mayor Melamed touched on some of the key tasks left to complete.


Updating the OCP - Official Community Plan

He calls it the "number two" policy document at the hall, second only to Whistler2020. It's the OCP. And it hasn't been updated for more than 15 years.

"The thing about it that has a high value is the check-in with the community to make sure our priorities and our direction are right," said Melamed.

The year and a half process to update the OCP has essentially confirmed that the community is on board with the policies long articulated in Whistler.

"To me, this has been a reaffirmation of our commitment and our direction," he added. "We really haven't heard anything that says we should be doing anything radically different. But there's a sense that we could be doing everything better. We have more to work on. That process never ends: the process of reinvention, staying current, tapping in to new opportunities where they arise."

Council is holding workshops to go through the finer details of the plan, which is slated for adoption by the end of the summer/early fall.


Finishing the Organizational Review

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