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Whistler Chamber of Commerce president resigning

Louise Lundy seeks greener pastures


The Whistler Chamber of Commerce will soon be seeking a new president with the resignation of Louise Lundy, who will leave the job in September.

Fiona Famulak, chair of the Chamber’s board of directors, announced the resignation at a Chamber of Commerce luncheon at the Bearfoot Bistro.

“Thank you for helping us to position the chamber where it’s at today, which is a really focused organization with a clear mandate to deliver tools and resources for the business community,” she said. “Although I’m disappointed that you’re leaving, we thank you for that and we appreciate that.”

Speaking to Pique after the announcement, Lundy said she’s looking to spend more time with her husband and her horses.

“It’s really personal reasons,” she said. “We really require some strong leadership for the next 18 months or so, get us through the Games, and so I really had to make the tough decision to say…it’s time to move out of the way.

“I think it’s helpful to be able to bring somebody in at this time, to do it next year would be too difficult.”

When asked what she’s most proud of during her time as president, Lundy said it was her work to help bring credibility to the Chamber.

“I think we brought the organization to a point where we were seen as a resort player,” she said. “Some of those achievements would include a completely revised, revamped Spirit program which includes not only the training but the mystery shopper program, (and employee) recognition programs.”

In two and a half years as president, Lundy has overseen a number of initiatives in preparation for the Olympics, most recently the Phoenix housing development which will provide temporary housing for Whistler residents in 2010.

The homes will be located on the Holborn property, opposite the Whistler Racquet club and Wildwood Bistro and Bar. It will fit almost 300 beds into modified containers that would otherwise have been dragged off to a landfill.

She also helped discourage VANOC from opening a superstore in Whistler for the Olympics in an effort to maximize the activity coming to existing businesses.

When asked why she won’t see her initiatives through to the Games, she said she moved up to Whistler for the lifestyle but hasn’t had a chance to live it.

“I skied two times last winter,” she said. “As much as I love the job and get a lot of passion and joy out of it…I have another life, too, and that’s time with my husband, time with my dog, Dennis, and our two horses, and we hope to get more horses.”

As for her future plans, she has ruled out a run at council for the Resort Municipality of Whistler (RMOW).

“Definitely not,” she said, laughing. “Politics are not in my future. Unfortunately, politics are the hardest part of the job for me. I’m a person who tends to speak my mind.”

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