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Whistler Cable to offer services in Pemberton



Whistler Cable has opened an office in Pemberton and plans to offer high-speed internet connection and digital television in the next few weeks.

"We want to put the word out into the Pemberton market that we are there and we are open for business," said Don McQuaid marketing consultant for Whistler Cable.

"There are going to be some very, very attractive offers to try the service out and experience the fact that it is more and better."

To start with Whistler Cable is offering free installation of all services to Pemberton.

The incentives will only be available to Pemberton residents.

Whistler Cable decided to expand into the Pemberton market after the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission gave the go ahead last fall for Pemberton’s cable provider, Channel One Communications Corp., to move into the Whistler market.

Allowing competition to flourish is seen by many as the continuation of the CRTC’s plan to break up local cable monopolies The monopolies generally exist because it is so expensive to set up and offer cable and related service.

Channel One plans to offer their cable and digital service in Whistler by early fall.

"That’s definitely the intent," said Todd Carter one of the owners of Channel One.

When queried about whether Pemberton can support two cable companies Carter said: "That’s debatable."

He said his company is committed to providing a great service and believes Pemberton customers will be loyal.

"Compared to any other community in B.C., including Whistler and Vancouver, we have already been offering the residents of Pemberton the best value on television, Internet, 24/7 customer support, and a local service centre," said Carter.

"We anticipate a high level of support and loyalty in Pemberton despite whatever temporary inducements our competition might come up with."

One item some in Pemberton will welcome from Whistler Cable is access to the community channel and Whistler Resort TV.

As well as offering this Whistler Cable plans to expand its programming to include Pemberton-based community programming.