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Whistler athletes on top in adventure race



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The next co-ed team of two, Luc Girouard and Roxanne Ayotte of Vancouver, finished in 14:32:11. The third co-ed team of Ina Kerckhoff and Ryan Ervin of North Vancouver crossed the line in 14:42:03.

In the solo category, the top three men were Chris Christie of Garibaldi Highlands at 11:58:50, Dave Norona (2000 champion) of North Vancouver at 12:05:06 and Normon Thibault of Wellington, B.C. at 12:08:42.

The top Master man was Ron Carmichael of Bowen Island, who was 11th overall with a time of 13:33:22. Doug Doyle of Victoria was second in 13:40:56, and Rob Ashburner of Vancouver third in 14:30:20.

The top solo female was adventure race veteran Marg Fedyna of Edmonton, Alberta, with a time of 13:54:41. Carol Tickner of Victoria was second in 15:01:41, and Lisa Wolff of Edmonton was third in 16:51:50.

In the Teams of Four races, comprised of male, female and co-ed groups, the top men’s team was Team Turtle of West Vancouver, with a time of 14:15:13.

Team Dozer of Bothell, Washington, was second at 14:30:56. The Snipe Hunters, four men from Bellingham, Washington, was third in a time of 14:56:27.

The first co-ed team, Team Global Star Satellite Phones of Sacramento, California, finished the race in 15:04:42. Team Steeps-Yeti of Edmonton was second in 15:35:11. Team Hardchick was third at 15:47:25.

The first all-female team was Bear Essentials/The Runner’s Den from Coquitlam in 18:13:26. Sugar and Spice 2 of Vancouver was next in 20:59:30. The Cali Kids from Ann Arbor, Michigan, were third.

A total of 559 competitors started the race on the Saturday (Sept. 8), and 475 finished on Sunday. Competitors were unable to finish for a variety of reasons, including injuries, illness, exhaustion, and equipment failures.

Day one started with a 19 kilometre ocean kayak from Deep Cove and up Indian Arm. After paddling, competitors put their legs to work on a 55 km mountain bike stage with a 23 km climb, a 10 km downhill, and a mixture of roads and singletrack. The bike ride was followed by a 15 km (approximate) trek with a navigational component over rugged terrain, on and off the trails. Any missed checkpoints result in a time penalty.

Day two started with a 55 km mountain bike up the Cheakamus Canyon to the Whistler area. There, competitors participated in score orienteering, also known as "Rogaining."

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