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Whistler asks tough questions

Campaigners battle it out at all candidates meeting



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Fenton noted that the Sea to Sky corridor has always been his home, and reiterated his record as a politician and environmental advocate. He promised to be a strong voice for the area in the legislature, and urged people to vote out the Campbell government. ÒGordon Campbell must be stopped if this wonderful place is to remain beautiful and affordable.Ó

Perry used the time to remind people of his business and environmental background, and to urge voters to pick the best candidate for their community, rather than a political party.

ÒI would suggest that you elect the best representative for the community,Ó he said. ÒWith the Olympics staring us in the faceÉ donÕt elect anybody who will go to Victoria and kowtow to powers that be. I would be a good representative for Sea to Sky country, and push for a sustainable Olympics.Ó