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Whistler 3 still alive with new concept


Tim Regan’s Whistler 3 proposal is still alive, but it now involves a fourth parcel of land.

Regan, who’s original Whistler Three proposal was rejected by council on April 30, is now working with Duane Jackson and Bill Kunzweiler, owners of the B.C. Rail lands.

The new proposal, which is still just a concept, would see the employee housing and estate lots moved around on Regan’s three parcels of land. That could now be done utilizing the five lots on the B.C. Rail lands that are being offered to assist in achieving a community benefit.

"I did the best I could with what I had," Regan said of his three pieces of property that made up the Whistler 3 proposal. "But this will be better."

"Tim had two contentious sites out of three," Jackson said this week. "Council was stuck between a rock and a hard place. We thought, ‘what can happen that’s complementary?’"

The B.C. Rail lands comprise approximately 511 acres on the west side of Alta Lake, currently subdivided into 24 20-acre lots and five smaller lots. Jackson and Kunzweiler have applied to rezone the property to 29 estate lots plus five "extra" lots which could be used for community benefits that contribute to employee housing and/or environmental initiatives. The "extra" lots, if created through rezoning, would not belong to the municipality but would have to lead to a community benefit.

"We’d take the density intended for The Grove (in Whistler Cay) and move that to our property, and The Grove will stay as two lots," Jackson said.

Municipal staff had asked Regan to move the employee housing portion of his Whistler 3 proposal from Cheakamus North to White Gold and put the 11 estate houses he proposed for White Gold on the Cheakamus North site. That didn’t work financially for Regan when he was working with the three parcels, but with the five lots on the B.C. Rail property now part of the financial equation more options are open.

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