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• All flowers and house plants

• Coffee grounds (with filter), tea bags

• Wood stir sticks

• Soiled paper napkins (serviettes)

• Sawdust, woodchips, shavings (no cedar)

• Biodegradable cornstarch containers


Unacceptable items include:

• Plastic bags*, wax paper, glass*, metal*, foil*, styrofoam, cellophane products*

• Rubber or plastic products*

• Waxed paper containers (milk cartons, coffee cups)

• Grease, cooking oils and liquids

• Microwave popcorn Bags*, pizza boxes, corrugated cardboard*

• Fruit or vegetable labels

• Paper egg cartons*

• Tetrapaks** (juice boxes)

• Diapers

* Place these items in recycling bins

** Return these items for deposit refund


The following materials must be delivered directly to the Waste Transfer Station on Callaghan Valley Road:

• Yard waste, including grass clippings, leaves, small twigs, and hedge trimmings

• Fireplace ash

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