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Where there is sizzle... there can also be fire



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In a town that has to import people to do the jobs extant, I'm a bit unclear how much sizzle the jobs thing really amounts to as opposed to the additional strain those jobs will create.

Sizzle #3. What can go wrong?

It would be an understatement to say higher education is in a state of flux. Skirting disaster may be a more apt description. There has never been a broader choice of institutions of higher learning, many of them private and an alarming number of them being run more like carnival games, graduating hapless degree holders burdened with unsupportable debt and no tangible job opportunities that will give them a hope in hell of ever paying it back.

In the absence of a clear, detailed, realistic business plan, how can a town being asked to partner up on such a project make an informed decision? What happens to WIC's physical plant if things go south? And don't answer that question by saying it couldn't possibly happen. We'd prefer real-world answers, the kind one might expect if one were being asked to invest in such a project.

Whistler is developing a strategy to embrace learning opportunities. WIC may be part of it. Maybe it's time for council to make a decision on their rezoning... the only one possible based on the insufficient information available.