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Where are we? Oh yeah, the Olympics. It’s a shame no one had the courage to put it to a public vote. It would have won and the supporters would have had a much better understanding of the strength of the opposition. The head in the sand thing won’t fly with the IOC.

Nightly rentals? Won’t even go there. Might get sued by one side or the other.

Emerald sewer? Ask the people who live there.

Development cap? The road on this is clear and clearly tied to Olympic legacies. We’re going to annex the Callaghan, blow the cap through the roof, build an employee reservation south of town, and call it all sustainable growth.

The only "partner" we seem to have found for the community is different levels of government and developers with no end of offers of cash for density.

Affordability and transportation? We can still afford transportation. Housing is another matter.

These issues are important in judging whether or not to re-elect the status quo. What about all those newbies? Keep reading.