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When little fish swim

A Whistler screenwriter pitches at the Banff Television Festival and celebrates the survival of O


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After the pitch Robert and I barely have time to catch our breath before we rush into a slew of meetings with the broadcasters. We’re looking for development dollars to write a bible and two scripts. The meetings seem to go well, and one network executive says, "that’s something we’d be interested in." Still, the market for selling original Canadian content is extremely tough, since it’s cheaper for our national broadcasters to buy American programming. We’ll be going home to weeks of follow-up to try and take advantage of the relationship building we did. And although I know we’ve got a ridiculously slim chance of securing a deal, I can honestly say I had a whale of a time trying.

That night we celebrate at the Irish Pub. When a Spirit of the West song blasts over the bar we break into a martini-fuelled jig and I bust two bra straps. We are celebrating the survival of O.