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What's your vision?

Lot 1/9 planning workshop in January


Residents get your thinking caps on.

What do you think should happen to Lot 1/9, the last remaining undeveloped pieces of land in the village?

It is the proposed site of the multi-million dollar Paralympic sledge hockey arena, which Whistler has promised to deliver for the 2010 Games.

The municipality is looking for your input during a three hour "community visioning workshop" in mid-January.

"There are no bad ideas and nothing will be discarded," said Bob MacPherson, the municipality’s general manager of planning and development.

The workshop is designed to establish a vision for the highest and best use of the site, located between the Brew House and the Whistler Medical Clinic. Nothing is ruled out right now and many alternatives are on the table for discussion, including opportunities for arts, culture, education, recreation, learning, entertainment, retail, commercial, public, institutional and accommodation.

Input from the workshop will be delivered to a steering committee made up of community members who will ultimately develop a master plan and deliver their recommendations to council.

Council must make a decision by June 2006.

The "visioning workshop" will be held on Saturday, Jan. 14 from 2:30 to 5:30 p.m. at the Telus Whistler Conference Centre. It will begin with a rundown of all the relevant information needed for the decision-making process, including zoning and financial considerations. Guest speakers will then present their thoughts. The round table workshop runs from 4 until 5:30 p.m.

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