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What’s your favourite Olympic moment? And how is the transportation system working?


Steve Wiles, North Vancouver - The mogul skiing was good but for me my favourite moment was when the guy fell off his luge on the first day (of racing) and still managed to put the luge back under him on the track. A lot of good things happened, but that was a highlight that first week.

The transportation is pretty good except for the first day of the biathlon, but it got better after that.


Jeremy Wellwood, North Vancouver - I saw both Bilodeau and Montgomery win their gold medals, and both were incredible. I lost my voice watching Montgomery last night, I have no voice left.

After the moguls I waited for a bus for two hours, which was a little ridiculous - there were no buses and all these people waiting. That was the only problem so far; it's been pretty good.


Rob Moen, Kelowna - Bilodeau winning the first gold medal for a Canadian was pretty amazing, it's part of history. I wish I could have been there but I watched that one on television. It was incredible to see all the Canadians there supporting the event, it was a really proud moment.

The transportation is very good. We were staying in Richmond, and it took us four minutes to get to the Canada Line, then to Langara Station where there were lots of blue jackets to help out.


Hans Fischbacher (father of Austrian Super-G champion Andrea Fischbacher). - (Through a translator) Of course it was when she won her medal. Not as much when she was fourth, but that was still good.

As for transportation, the translator explained that the Austrian Olympic Committee was providing family members with transportation.


Rob Munn, Phoenix - This (women's super G) has got to be it, it was fun meeting Hans and seeing how proud he is and watching the crowd go crazy. It's been a busy week, I've been to four hockey games, I'm going to bobsleigh...

It's been beautiful, there's not a cloud in the sky today. Don't believe the British press, everybody is having a great time. You really feel the presence of all the volunteers. The U.S. is doing really well, but I'm hoping Canada has some better luck as well.