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What's on in Whistler during the Games



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Whistler Live! has named Ace MacKay-Smith, a well-known character from Whistler's party scene, Creative Director of the Fire & Ice Remix performances. MacKay-Smith is a DJ, filmmaker, videographer, dancer and skier and will bring a wealth of these experiences to the table when developing the show.

"She's going to get the best out of all the dancers, performers and artists because she is one!" Robinson added.

MacKay-Smith DJs inside the GLC during the regular Fire & Ice show, so she knows the ropes, but the Olympic version will be quite different than the average performance.

"It won't be the same as what they do now," MacKay-Smith said, adding that the skiing portion of the show will be tightened up a bit and kept to about 45 minutes each night. Then, the second portion of the performance will feature some big-name DJs, which will be announced on Dec. 31.

"I guess this stage is going to be more the electronic, hip hop, DJ vibe, compared to some of the other stages, which are live or acoustic or rock or folk," MacKay-Smith added. "...It'll kick off the rest of your night a little bit."

MacKay-Smith recently held an audition for visual performers who would perform as part of the first part of each Fire & Ice Remix show, looking for local dancers (go-go, freestyle and break dancers), hand drummers, solo musicians, fire spinners and hoopers to step onto the outdoor stage during the Olympics and Paralympic Games. It drew a strong turnout from local performers - 32 acts turned up - and they've managed to recruit quite a few people from within the community.

And for many, the fun won't end with the Fire & Ice Remix in Skier's Plaza.

"We're hoping that everyone will go to the great nightclubs and bars afterwards," Robinson said.

"In theory, the victory ceremonies happen, you've seen this great headline concert, you stroll out of their from Whistler Medals Plaza and drop into Skiers Plaza, you see this other great show and carry on for the rest of their night."