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WHA needs renters


The Whistler Housing Authority is looking for tenants.

For the first time the housing authority is likely to have vacancies in their rental units for July.

"Whenever something like this happens it begs the question, well what’s different?" said the authority’s Tim Wake from Banff, Alberta where he is participating in the Sustainable Mountain Communities conference.

"And as usual it isn’t just one thing that is different it is a number of things and it is hard to know what is what.

"Part of it is the economy is a little bit softer this spring than it has been in the last couple of years so people aren’t hiring quite as many people.

"But the other possible influence here is that we have brought on in the last year a 100-unit employee housing project at Bear Ridge."

Bear Ridge has potentially removed 100 renters from the pool.

What concerns Wake most is that some people are sticking with short-term summer accommodation because it is a little cheaper than employee rental units.

But come the fall, when they need to find permanent housing, there won’t be anything available.

"If you are planning to stay here year round and you are in a place only until fall then you should seriously consider getting one of these year-round places now when they are easy to get," advised Wake.

The positive side of the story is that the housing authority is clearly having an impact on the housing market.

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