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Letters to the Editor for the week of April 5th, 2012

WFF is good for Whistler


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Whistler's Mayor, Nancy Wilhelm-Morden, was the only CCF member to vote against the removal of old-growth trees, but she's only one vote. It will take increased community opposition and new ideas to manage our forests properly — not glossy websites and one-sided open houses.

Our mayor suggested that we stop logging old growth trees, and instead enter into discussions with the Ministry of Forests to reduce our Annual Allowable Cut (AAC) and to extend the cut period, so loggers can harvest mature second growth trees and spare the older ones.

The CCF is also looking at adopting a carbon credit scheme, which is simply a way of buying complacency and an excuse for business as usual, since the trees they're saving will eventually come down. Real carbon-saving steps include logging less, allowing trees to grow older before cutting and expanding logging-free buffers.

Placing a few trees in a protected national park is not wilderness. It's more like a museum or viewing an ant colony in a plastic home and thinking it's nature.

I'm not anti-logging. We all live in houses made of wood, but it's important to keep these forests intact and not clear them for more Nordic trails and roads, as the Whistler Sports Legacies (WSL) prepares to build the Madely-Highline Trail in Whistler Olympic Park.

Pina Belperio


Time for Improv?

I really enjoyed Stephen Smysnuik's article last week (Pique March 29), asking the question "Where's Whistler's Theatre Scene?" I have always thought the same thing. People like to be entertained, and good theatre satisfies that need. The premise that live theatre cannot work in Whistler needs to change — there is definitely a potential audience out there, but the code has yet to be cracked.

One form of theatre that would be an incredible success here (in my humble opinion) is improv comedy and theatresports. Not only is it great entertainment, but also, from a performer's perspective it is incredibly fun.

The overhead to produce an improv show is extremely low compared to productions that require elaborate costumes, sets and make-up.

It does not rely on a fixed cast, something that works well in such a transient town. Celebrity guests can make appearances if they are in town, it's often fun for them to get back to the nitty gritty of acting on a small stage.

I have tried to get people together in the past but due to busy lifestyles and people coming and going, have not yet built the necessary momentum to get a group meeting regularly.

If anyone is interested in getting together, let me know at whererusteve@gmail.com. Above all else it would be fun to have a routine night where a few of us get together and laugh until we cry. If the group has chemistry, maybe down the road we could approach a bar to promote a weekly gig.