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Letters to the Editor for the week of April 5th, 2012

WFF is good for Whistler


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In respect of the projects funded by Fee for Service, the WCC applies for three-year tranches so that it can plan projects that extend beyond one year, knowing that funding will be available to cover the associated costs. The WCC's recent application for Fee for Service, totalling $569,622, is less than previous years' applications and, if awarded, will profoundly impact the way in which the WCC supports the business community and therefore the resort as a whole. Specifically, the funds will be used to develop and deliver the Whistler Service Strategy and the Whistler Economic Enhancement Strategy, described below, over the course of 2012-2014. In the WCC's case, as required by the RMOW, Fee for Service can only be applied to development activities, with the understanding that once established, the program(s) become(s) self-funding. The funds have not and cannot be used to cover day-to-day operational activities.

The WCC's vision for the Whistler Service Strategy is to make the delivery of service in Whistler one of the resort's key competitive advantages. Our 2012-2014 application, amounting to $385,405 of the total $569,000 and, if awarded, will allow us to develop the technical infrastructure and a library of service-related resources, each a long-term legacy, that will see the delivery of a variety of tools and events including online tutorials to all participants of the Spirit Pass Program, a summer Spirit Pass program in 2013, as well as sector-specific feedback reports to participants of the ServeUs Challenge mystery shopper program.

The vision that drives the Whistler Economic Enhancement Strategy is a prosperous, diversified and innovative business community within a healthy resort community. The 2012-2014 application, amounts to $184,217 of the total of $569,622 and, if awarded, will allow us to develop tools, such as the Whistler Report Card, another legacy, which will track the performance of the resort on a monthly basis via specific economic indicators, and be distributed to our members and partners so that they can plan accordingly. Also, if awarded, it will provide seed funding that will allow us to continue to plan and build the Outlook Economic Symposium, an event that over the medium term has the potential to become an iconic and self-funding business conference that rounds out Whistler's sports and cultural offerings while attracting guests to the resort during the shoulder season.