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The release states that the development proposal was considered by council and staff and weighed against the planning principles and policies outlined in Whistler 2002, the official community plan, the comprehensive development plan, the comprehensive transportation strategy, the financial plan and the draft Whistler environmental strategy and did not meet the criteria set out in those documents.

The release also states the housing authority board did not endorse or support the final proposal presented to council on April 30.

"While resident restricted housing remains a high priority, the community has made significant inroads into housing requirements, with rental and ownership developments at 19 Mile Creek, Spruce Grove, Lorimer Court, Nesters Pond, Barnfield and the upcoming Beaver Flats. Thus far, 3,192 employee beds have been created, with 272 slated for completion this year in Beaver Flats, Nesters Square and the Intrawest development on Alta Lake Road," the municipality and housing authority state in the release.