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What: Electra Funk Saturdays with DJ Spincat

Where : Maxx Fish

Nu skool house, hip hop and happenin’ vibes.

Who : DJ Rabid

Where : Savage Beagle

See Friday’s listings.

Who : DJ Chris Viner

Where : Tommy Africa’s

Chris Viner entertains with a mix of Top 40, house, funk and techno that will keep you movin’ all night. Access www.clubvibes.com for all special events.

Who : DJ Peace Frog

Where : Buffalo Bill’s

The biggest party in town, where the girls outnumber the guys. Lineups can start as early as 8:30 p.m. so come early for dinner and stay for the nightlife.

Who : DJ Hank and Aarron

Where : The Boot

These local DJs are spinning your alternative faves. And check out some Aussie faves at the bar….

Sunday, Sept. 9


What : New Punk Night

Who : SideSixtySeven

Where : The Boot

The Sunday night tradition continues north of the village with loud tunes and rockin’ vibes. This week, SideSixtySeven is back to celebrate the release their new CD. Come check out the latest arsenal from one of The Boot’s favourite guests!


Who : Dr. Trance

What : Soulkitchen

Where : Tommy Africa’s

There’s a slightly different flavour in the Kitchen this week with progressive house and a little trance to keep it interesting.

What : Spicy Sessions

Where : Savage Beagle

The Beagle has reopened for business on Sunday nights, and you can enjoy the party till 1 a.m. This new theme night, courtesy of Trinity Productions, features traditional and house Latino music.

Who: DJ Rich

Where : Buffalo Bill’s

See Friday’s listings.

Monday, Sept. 10


Who : Interstellar Root Cellar

Where : The Boot

Their music is as interesting as their name! These five-year Calgary veterans are a little funk, a little rock and a whole lot of groovin’. See article.

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