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Weekend of the Holy Trinity



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If there is any one overriding mystery about barbeque — and trust me, there are many — it remains this: Why hasn't Canada embraced it? Canada, for all its multiculturalism, its polyglot cosmopolitan centres, its fine beef and swine, is, by Southern standards, a barbeque-free zone. It dallied with the popularity barbeque enjoyed thanks to the Food Channel over the past decade but the addiction never really took hold.

You can get Thai, Korean, Mongolian, French, German, Portuguese, Italian and every other variant of food in Canada. The number of vegetarian restaurants continues to rise dangerously. Raw food has migrated out of the produce section of the grocery store onto restaurant plates in what can only be considered the ultimate joke. But finding barbeque in Canada is still as hard as defining what exactly makes the country unique.

This weekend, this August Long Weekend is the blissful exception. If you've never attended the gathering of the carnivorous clans at Dusty's for the Canadian Championships — and assuming you're not vegetarian or a PETAphile — you should. It's a treat you'll never forget.

And if you have? Well, see you there.

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